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Three days of informative talks from experienced School Leaders and those who have lived and worked abroad, for Headteachers and School Leaders.


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One aspect of our Assessment is to discern the natural strengths and qualities of character which can not be found through the usual academic examinations. Click here to find out more.

TESTIMONIALS: Our experience with Paths to Learning was exceptional. The assessment done by the team of consultants was thorough and engaging. It gave language to what we already knew of our children and also pointed towards key areas of future learning. We have been deeply impressed with Felicity’s care and attention to the individual needs of our children and her ability to build connections and make paths for their futures. Jeffrey and Ashlee Thomas, parents from Canada

My daughter, 10, was at an international school, in Europe. I was made redundant and, as a widower, decided it was a good time to move back to the UK. I was given one day off to fly back and visit possible schools, though without her. It was very difficult to find a school that I thought would suit her. I wish Paths to Learning had existed then. I would have asked Felicity to do the Research, the Assessment and had time to consider her Report and Recommendations for the schools. Bill James, expatriate parent returning to UK

Discussing with Paths to Learning the needs of a family who was moving to UK, from India, I was very impressed by the holistic approach that was taken. The parents had sought advice about one child, but Paths to Learning considered the other two older children and the best place to live, as a family. James Shaw, Surveyor and Relocation Consultant.

We’re a family that has been through several international relocations, due to the nature of my work, and this latest one, being sent for a work in Central London, was particularly complicated, since it happened at the end of the year, I was not getting expat benefits, and we have two children in school age (8 and 13 yrs old), who were attending an American School in the Middle East.  The English school system can be a little complicated to understand. Finding places in the best schools, or even knowing what “best school” means to each particular child, is not an easy task. As parents we all want our children go to a school that “ticks many boxes”: a good school, with high ratings, fits our children’s development needs, and in a good location. It is not an exaggeration to say that this is a titanic (if not impossible) task, if you try to do it yourself, with so little knowledge.   Getting the help of somebody who’s knowledgeable, genuinely understanding and helpful was the best decision we made, during this very stressful time. This is exactly what we got from Felicity Gunn, and cannot be more grateful to her, and to the friends that recommended Paths to Learning. Eduardo Delgado, Senior Petrophysicist, whose children were placed in state schools.

Let Paths to Learning help you

Have you spent a great deal of time going through each school website and visiting each school?  Of course, they all look so attractive! Paths to Learning has toured the schools and met the Head Teachers and Admissions Teams at each one. So we can answer specific questions that you may have.

Have you started with the big-name schools, not realising there are others which may suit your child better? We look where you may not have thought of looking and we can exclude those schools that we know do not match your child’s needs, or do not have a space when you need it.

Has it been stressful not finding the information you need on a school’s website? Paths to Learning may have the information already or can get it for you, easily.

Has it been worrying to see the deadlines that the schools specify, or the complex admissions requirements? Paths to Learning can help you meet the deadlines and admissions requirements directly and quickly. If deadlines have passed, we may be able to work with the schools on your behalf; and can provide an interim plan for your child’s learning.

What if you have to move the family to UK mid-year and your child is not able to join your school of choice? We can provide an interim plan for your child’s learning.

Do you worry about your child coming from abroad settling in? We provide appropriate cultural-orientation and tutoring in English if needed, to ensure your child is ready to join his or her new school and settles in quickly.

Do you worry about how to support your child when he or she has a learning need or their learning has been interrupted by illness, or accident?  We can find specialist tutors and devise a plan to support what your child’s school and advisers recommend.