Frequently Asked Questions - Our Information Documents:

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1.       Understanding education in schools in England. This has a Glossary of the terms used in education at the end of the                document.

2.       What is a Faith School?

3.       What makes an Independent School so distinctive?

4.       How do we find a place in a State School for our child?

5.       How can we help Expatriates to find a school?

6.       Are English boarding schools like Hogwarts?

7.       What is Learning Support?

8.       What does it mean if education is “interrupted”?

9.       What is the National Curriculum?

10.   What are GCSEs and how do pupils choose what to do?

11.   What is the E Bacc?

12.   What is in the Paths to Learning Assessment package?

13.   What are B TECs?

14.   What are A Levels and how do pupils choose what to do?

15.   What is the IB?

16.   What is the EPQ?

17.   What is the Extra-Curricular or Co-Curricular Programme put on by schools?

18.   What is Clearing?

19.   How do I apply to University?

20.   What will it Cost me to go to University?

21.   What must I do to apply to Oxford or Cambridge Universities?

22.   What is an Apprenticeship and how do I apply?

23.   How do I become a Homeschooling parent?

24.   What can you expect from Tutoring?

25.   What can you expect from Mentoring?

26.   What is a normal Timetable for a KS4 pupil going to be like?

27.   What is a Summer School?

28.   What is a Third Culture Kid [TCK/CCK]?

29.   What is Cultural Orientation?

30.   What is the value of League Tables?

31.   What does it cost to send a child to an independent school?

32.   How can I train to be a Lawyer in England?

33.   What are Our Fees?