Interrupted Education

How We Work With You

  • You will book a call though this site. In the call you will tell us why your child's education has been interrupted
  • We advise 
    • what recommendations may be covered in our Report to you
    • our Contract and Payment Terms  
  • We are likely to undertake an assessment of your child. Your child should not have any tutoring or preparation for this assessment. It may be sufficient for us to have sight of recent pieces of work done by your child, and a school report
  • We may interview your child 
  • We consider the assessments
  • If appropriate, we consider what has already been recommended by other professional advisers such as an educational psychologist, the school and the hospital education service
  • In the light of our research we will send you a Report, explaining the reasons for our recommended course of action which may include supporting your application to a school which has the expertise to meet the need, or tutoring, or a residential summer school for children with similar needs.