How We Work With Parents and Guardians:

  • You will BOOK A CALL through this site or SEND US AN EMAIL which we will follow up with a call to you. In the call we will discuss with you: 
    • your circumstances and hopes and expectations
    • your child or children's educational needs
    • how we assess each child 
    • what recommendations may be covered in our Report to you
    • our Contract and Fees.  
  • If you would like to proceed we will send you a password that will enable you to have access to the Client Area.
  • You can upload documents such as your child's School Reports. We can upload our Proposal, Contract and Invoice and supporting documents. 
  • You will need to RETURN THE CONTRACT duly signed and also PAY OUR INVOICE. 
  • We will undertake an ONLINE ASSESSMENT of each child. Your child does not need to have any tutoring or any particular preparation for this Assessment. It is very important that the Assessment is undertaken honestly.
  • We will also conduct an INTERVIEW with each child on Skype or WhatsApp or WeChat, which we may record. 
  • We then consider the Assessment.
  • In the light of our research into all the Schools and Colleges, we then DETERMINE OUR MATCHES for your child or children's needs.
  • We check with the Schools and Colleges that THERE IS SPACE and will discuss the Assessment with the Schools.
  • When those Schools and Colleges advise us that your application is welcome we will send you OUR REPORT FOR PARENTS, explaining the reasons for choosing these schools and where appropriate may also include RECOMMENDATIONS for 
    • cultural orientation or 
    • tutoring or 
    • language development in readiness for joining the recommended Schools and Colleges.
  • You then decide to which of the three Schools or Colleges to apply. You may APPLY to all three.
Your child will probably have to go through the Admissions Process set down by the School which will entail a visit to the School, so your child can do the Entry Examination. You will also meet the Head teacher and be given a Tour of the School.

We can also provide support to parents on:

  • the particular Admissions Process set down by the chosen school[s]
  • tutoring in ENGLISH LANGUAGE to the appropriate IELTS standard
  • tutoring where there are gaps owing to your child's curriculum being different from the UK 
  • if you are coming to UK MID-YEAR tutoring or joining a TUTORIAL COLLEGE or INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL in the UK in preparation for joining an English school at the beginning of the next academic year
  • how to obtain an appropriate VISA for yourself and each of your children
  • how to find a GUARDIAN
  • FEES, SCHOLARSHIPS and BURSARIES that are charged by independent schools.

We aim to:

  • Act in the best interests of you and your children
  • Communicate with you in clear language and to explain anything which is not clear
  • Keep your information confidential and only pass on personal information to the Schools, when we have your  permission to do so
  • Advise you on the likely timings and, where possible, any changes to them
  • Do our best to respond promptly to any communication from you
  • Keep you informed of progress
  • Be honest and clear about costs and fees
  • Be impartial in our advice
  • Where we act for both parents [and guardians] jointly, it is on the understanding that we are authorised to act on instructions from all, or any of them.